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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Curious Savage

And I realized that there was one more that needed to be shared.

So, without further ado...

The Curious Savage!

There is a mental institution named "The Cloisters" that is home to a bunch of lovable crazies.

Hannibal, who thinks he can play the violin, but really can't.
Fairy May, who thinks she's pretty but is really plain, desperate for love and admiration.
Mrs. Patty, who has given up electricity for lent, and paints seascapes that are anything but lovely. She also doesn't speak, unless to recite the things she hates.
Jeff, who alone survived an attack in the war and believes his face is scarred, leaving him too shy to play the piano.
And Florence, who believes a baby doll is her five year old child who died of measles.

But there is going to be a new patient in their wing, and the crazies are interested in finding out who!

The three Savage children...
Titus, a senator with a bad temper.
Lily Belle, a gorgeous 7-time divorcee.
And Samuel, a judge.

 ...are admitting their step-mother, who has recently gone insane.

(Hey that's me! I'm all old and stuff!)

Ethel P. Savage carries around a large teddy bear with one eye and acts like a fool in public. Which the well-to-do children do not approve of.

Hence why they are putting her away!

She also stole and hid ten million dollars worth of non-negotiable bonds from her children. But they don't know that. Yet.

But The Cloisters isn't all bad. There are quite a few nice people.

Like Miss Willie. The nurse.

She also happens to be Jeff's wife. But he doesn't remember her.

And Mrs. Savage quickly makes friends with the crazy inmates.

Hilarious antics are everywhere.

However, Mrs. Savage doesn't much care for her children.

But that's okay. They don't much care for her either.

Once the Savage children realize that the bonds, they come back in a hurry, desperate to find their lost inheritance.

And Mrs. Savage reveals that she buried it!

But, while she may act crazy, Ethel is quite sane. And she has a plan to make her not-so-lovable step-children look like the fools they are.

She leaves a note for Samuel telling him that the bonds are inside an old chimney.

She tells Lily Belle the bonds are hidden inside a stuffed porpoise in the natural history museum.

And Titus is told they are buried inside the President's hot house.

However, she reveals to the patients that none of these places hold the secret to the bonds. And they all have a good laugh at the rotten step-children's expense!

The very next day, Dr. Emmett comes to have a chat with Mrs. Savage. The newspapers are full of stories about her children. How a chimney fell on top of Samuel, nearly crushing him. How Lily Belle was arrested for trying to steal a porpoise from a museum. And how Titus was suspected of planting a bomb at the White House.

Needless to say, her kiddos are furious!

DbQnEj on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

They threaten her with a truth drug.

But Dr. Emmett reasons with Mrs. Savage and tells them that she will give them the bonds.

But not before the adorable inmates jump in to save the day. And cause a little bit of chaos!

But Mrs. Savage calms the crazies, and pulls the bonds from inside of her giant teddy bear! Gasp!

But when Mrs. Patty turns out the lights, trying once again to give up electricity for lent, all hell breaks loose!

The bonds are gone! And so is Mrs. Patty! So, while they search for the missing bonds and patient, everyone else waits patiently.

Well, as patiently as crazy people can wait.

Mrs. Patty is finally discovered. Without the bonds.

But Miss Willie returns with a pot of smoldering ashes. And one corner of a flame touched bond.

They've been destroyed.

The Savages leave, distraught and penniless.

And Ethel is free to leave as well after Dr. Emmett decides that she no longer needs to remain at The Cloisters.

The inmates each give her simple going away presents. Pointless and ordinary to anyone but Mrs. Savage, who finds them each perfect and wonderful.

And Mrs. Patty gives Mrs. Savage one last gift.

She tells her she loves her even though she hates everything in the world.

There is one surprise left in this show.

The bonds weren't really destroyed.

Miss Willie stole them when the lights went out. And merely tore off one corner to pretend they were gone.

And like the sweetheart she is, she returns them to Mrs. Savage.

The play ends as Mrs. Savage leaves The Cloisters.

She sees each patient as they see themselves and should be.

Hannibal can play the violin beautifully.
Mrs. Patty hangs up a lovely seascape on the wall.
Jeff and Miss Willie sit together as he plays the piano.
Florence sits with her perfect little boy.
And Fairy May dance around the room in a gorgeous dress, looking lovely.

And Mrs. Savage leaves behind the bear, a reminder that though she may leave The Cloisters, her heart, and her insanity still remain.

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