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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Love Story

One year ago, there was a girl who was so lonely and so unhappy.

She was stumbling around through life, trying to find some kind of purpose; a glimmer reason in the madness of life.

This girl still lived in her parent's basement. She didn't have a job. She didn't have many friends. And she was miserable.

One day, she wandered onto a chat room. The boredom that surrounded her pressed her forward and she decided to talk to some interesting strangers.

When she started chatting with Username: "Layne", she enjoyed the conversation so much that she eventually moved the chat over to MSN. 

"SingingKate" and "Layne" had so much in common.

A love for Zelda and books. Music and movies. Guitar and drawing.

They talked until six in the morning.

Now, Katie had been down this road before. She had met a guy online and had really liked him. And when reality set in that it would never work out, it broke her heart. And while she told herself that she should delete this guy and move on, she signed into chat the next day and talked to this charming guy all day. And all night.

Kevin, which was his real name, continued to get more interesting and they talked every day for a week.

The two started playing Zelda together, chatting while they raced to finish it first.

Katie won.

They played another game.

Katie won again.

The weeks passed. And even though Kevin had started his fall semester in school and Katie started a new job, they still talked every day; spending more time on the computer than was healthy just so they could talk about everything and nothing. 

Strangely, they never ran out of things to talk about.

By October, Kevin and Katie had played two and a half Zelda games. Had talked on Skype countless times. Had talked every single day.

And Katie was falling in love with this boy from California.

One day, she took a deep breath and told him so.

He wrote a smiley face emoticon and told her the same.

They sent texts, they called, they Skyped, they emailed. They did everything they could to talk to each other.

And Katie was starting to feel very happy.

But by Christmas, something was tugging at her, making her very upset and hiding all of the happiness in it's wake.

They still lived two states away from each other. They had never met. And she worried that she'd never get to kiss this guy that she loved so much.

The two came up with a plan. They would meet in Las Vegas. Katie would move there now and Kevin would join her as soon as he could. And they would visit each other until they were able to be together permanently.

And after eight months, they met for the first time in April.

And that first kiss was the best kiss she'd ever had.

Until the next one. 

And the next one.

The times when they are apart are so hard, but so worth it when they finally are together again.

Now it has been a year since these two stumbled upon one another in a chat room.

So much has changed since then.

And what wonderful changes they have been!

Kevin and Katie are so in love. Kevin will be joining her in Vegas soon. And not a single day has gone by that they haven't talked to each other.

I love you Kevin! Thank you for an amazing year!

8 Thoughts:

Laura Louise Cox said...

Aww Katie and Kevin... Just beautiful <3

I love love love a good love story!!!!

I'm away from my boyfriend and sometimes it's so hard, but you've made me feel so much better about the whole thing.

Dreams can come true


Shane Prather said...

How cute is this? I can't wait to find that special someone :)

Anonymous said...

Naaaaw, that's so sweet.

Rebel Mel said...

Awe, dollface! I'm so happy for you :) and these pictures are freaking adorable :)

Andrea said...

Awwww! You two are adorable:-)

Kathy S said...

What a sweet story :)

Kevin said...

This is the fourth time I'm re-reading this. Each time continues to bring a smile to my face. Thank you just as much for a wonderful, happy year, Katie! I'm so excited to spend more moments together!

Ashley said...

You guys are so so so cute!! I'm SO happy for you. XO