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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crystal! 20SB Blog Swap!

Guys, I have something very special for you today! My first ever blog swap! 

Crystal is my bloggy partner and you should all go and check out her blog! (And my post, of course!)

Hi, Kate's readers!

I’m Crystal from Straight On Till Morning, Katie’s partner for the Blog Swap!

Although I'm living in Missouri (where I grew up) temporarily, I usually live in Florida, where I work for a Mouse, get paid to go to Disney World every day and am occasionally sent out to do very silly things like parasailing or riding in a race car. 

(Yes, I totally blinked.)

When I'm not busy working for the Mouse, you will often find me playing in the theme parks or checking out local bands. I can’t wait to get back to Orlando and all of its sillyness!

Important Tip: Always befriend the band, then you never have to pay for drinks!

My blog is sort of a random hodgepodge of all of the things that catch my interest, from music to makeup reviews to tales of being a crazy cat lady. 

One of my favorite features on my blog is a list of 1000 Things That Make Me Happy  that I've been working on for quite a while now. (I'm up to 400!)  I’m also working on telling the tale of “How I Spent My Summer Vacation Stalking U2 Across Canada”, which seems to be taking FOREVER to write!  There’s also a pretty snazzy giveaway going on right now, which I’d be thrilled if you entered!

Occasionally I am super lazy and just post random things from around the Internets that amuse me.  Like this:

I mean, come on, that's comedy gold and you know it.  So stop by, say hi!  I probably won’t even bite!

5 Thoughts:

Booklogged said...

Working at Disney World must be awesome!

Booklogged said...

I wanted to add that I love the idea of making a list of the 1000 things that make me happy. Thing I'll start my own list. Thanks for the suggestion.

Crystal said...

Wow, this Crystal person sounds fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

My SongBook said...

I have a goofy deer picture up on my blog right now too! haha. Who knew they could be so funny?