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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Frosty Flashback Sunday

It's time for another flashback Sunday, where I dig up an old post from the archives and bring it back to live.

This week has been one of the hottest since I moved to Vegas. So hot in fact that even the thought of leaving the nice cool air-conditioned house makes me cringe.

And then I stumbled upon this post. The photos made me feel nice and cool.

They also made me realize that I really hate the snow. And while Vegas is super hot right now, I won't have to deal with frost and snow much anymore.

Thank the heavens!

Doesn't it just make you feel chilly during this summer heat?

Check out the original post here!

3 Thoughts:

Sweta said...

I'm roasting all the way over here in India.I think I just felt a pleasant chill ^_^ LOVE the picture of the leaves and the cherries.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these photos. I can't wait for it to be so cold outside that I need my sweater again.

Kevin said...

I hate the cold of snow, but the sight of it always looks amazing.