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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I've noticed in so many of my recent posts that I've been holding myself back.

I only show the side of myself that I think is least likely to be made fun of.

Well today, I'm going to change that.

Today I'm going to show off my goofier side. 

This is me!

I sing Broadway songs at the top of my lungs when I'm home alone!

I smell my hair when I think no one is watching!

I make stupid videos for YouTube!

I pretend to be a Hip Hop dancer!
(I don't have swag.)

I read books aloud! With all the appropriate voices and accents!

I hate seafood. Salmon is my favorite food ever!

I take photos of myself so I can Photoshop them!

I have conversations with myself in the mirror!

I can make an accurate elephant noise!

I try on an ugly piece of clothing when I shop because it makes me laugh!

I have personality! 

And I love it!

What makes you goofy?

4 Thoughts:

Adriana Iris said...

everything makes me goofy..i don't take much seriously...

C said...

I think that all of your goofiness is very endearing. And that video made ma laugh. =)

I smell my hair even if people are watching. It smells yummy!

I do all kinds of bizarre things. Sometimes I flex in front of the mirror and say 'hulk smash.'

nova said...

I ALWAYS read books aloud when I'm in my room. I usually read them to my cat. I love reading foreign books. One time I had an Italian, French, and English guy in the story. The dialogue was all in their respective accents, no matter how much I fail at them.

I once caught myself talking to myself pretending I was in an interview for 2 hours straight.

I made up a fake band, gave them names, and back stories!

I act out scenes I make up in my head for a story I would love to write but am too lazy to.

I learn songs in foreign languages and see how well I can lip sinc them in the mirror.

: D

profile said...

you are so funny and cute when you are goofy. :)

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