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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloggy Friends

Thursday was a very special day in deed. For the first time ever, I met a blog friend in real life! It was pretty much exciting!

Clair from The Upside Down Cupcake messaged me just after I moved and informed me that she also lived in Vegas. The friendship was easy sailing after that! And soon enough we had plans to go and get froyo together!

She'd never had frozen yogurt before! Gasp! I had to remedy that and I think it was a success!

After our delicious desert, we both decided that we were still hungry. And she introduced me to something I'd never had.

Smash Burger.

Oh my heavenly goodness!

Such a delicious, messy, eatable burger. I'd been wanting to try Smash Burger since I moved to Vegas. It didn't disappoint. Yum!

Unfortunately I had major camera fail when it came to taking the photos of the two of us. Silly camera. It just doesn't like people pictures. I'm really hoping I get a new camera soon!

But hey! Even fuzzy we look awesome!

Thanks for a great day of good food, blog gossip and giggles. 

14 Thoughts:

Gwen said...

i wish i had blog friends that lived near me..i sure I can pop onto 20sb and look :D

Anonymous said...

awww that's so awesome! Gotta love blog buddies...and that yogurt looks delicious!

-Chymere H.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I love meeting blog friends!! When I go on my mega roadtrip in March 2012 my goal is to meet as many blog friends as I can. It's going to be fun. :)

Nashelle said...

I LOVE Smashburger. It is mine and Daniel's FAVORITE. (well at least mostly almost) :) Love it!!!

C said...

My hair looks epicly blonde! =) Awesome post, you rock. :-D

Melbourne on my mind said...

Aww, now I'm all jealous, because I love BOTH of your blogs! And I really want a burger... *sigh* There are pretty much no bloggers in Canberra. Which is weird, because it's kind of like DC in that everyone moves here for work. So you'd think there'd be a ton of bloggers, like in DC. Alas...

Hopefully when I'm back in Melbourne I can meet up with some bloggy friends!

TJ said...

jealous! Hope I can meet you two in May! :) said...

Looks like your "date" was a success!

And thanks for making me hungry again.

Lauren said...

If I ever go to Vegas, I'm totally hunting you down!

Kate Weber said...

If any of you come to Vegas, I want you to look me up! We'll do something fun! Totally serious!

Amber said...

Yay for meeting blog friends.. it's the best!

L!$@ said...

That's awesome :D Looks like you two girls had fun!

Jess said...

Wow! There are a handful of pal bloggers I would love to meet in person. How cool!

according to sabrina said...

I'm about to quit my job and run to a frozen yogurt place and a burger place! It's allll your fault! Will you pay my bills? Haha!

Lovin'your blog!