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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday Night

So. It's Friday night. You're in a new city and have no friends. You're broke. Your sister/roommate has plans and you don't know what to do with yourself.

Sound familiar?

There is now a solution!

Head on over to your local Walmart and create the most hideous outfit you can and make it rock! (In the dressing room of course!)

(The mirror was really warped and made all my photos look blurry. Aw man!)

Here's a challenge for all of you who have lost weight. Go find your old size and try it on! (Find a really ugly shirt. It just makes it more fun!)

Fun option. Try on lingerie. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of my own escapades down that road. But it made me feel really giggly and hot!

And just because there's always that one item you can't resist trying on even though you can't afford to buy it right now. You're just happy knowing that it would have looked so awesome when out on the town.

I want this raincoat. So badly. It makes me die a little inside when I realize it's not in my closet. 

It was a good night. 

What do YOU do when you have no plans, no friends, no dollars and nowhere to go on a Friday night?

7 Thoughts:

Amber said...

That raincoat is SO cute! You def need to go back and get it when you can. It looks so cute on you!

Melbourne on my mind said...

Haha, that's a great idea! Although I don't have a car, and the buses in Canberra only run once AN HOUR after 6pm, so unless something's walking distance (i.e. the gym), I tend to not bother.

And that raincoat is all kinds of cute - you should definitely go back and get it!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Hope I have batteries for my vibrator?? :)

Dave said...

No plans, no friends...pretty much the story of my life. *sigh*

KG said...

that is hilarious and completely genius. and that raincoat is adorable!!

L!$@ said...

Love that you made your own fun :D That is fun to do with a friend too...lots of laughter!

Chelsea said...

LOLOL ! That leopard print dress looks so babe'n on you. I take it you never purchased it..

If I'm alone on a friday night, i always watch One Tree Hill or Sex and the City.