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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Itty Bitty

Thanks for curling up under the covers with me last night when I was scared of the random bumpity noises. I don't know if I could have slept without your fuzzy body next to mine. 

I'm so glad you moved to Vegas with me. 

6 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful furbaby you have! I had a cat when I was younger that, like yours, knew when something was wrong and would always know how to make me feel better.

Jess said...

Precious cat!

Anonymous said...

Don't they just always know exactly when the right time to be there for you is? I love cats/dogs for that very reason. They are so perfect at cheering or comforting one up.

Booklogged said...

Can't tell you how glad we are that Itty Bitty moved to Vegas with you! Actually, I can appreciate how cute she is.

TJ said...


*R*R*R* said...

woo hoo! Finally I get to see the cat of the hour!!
Aren't cats great? I live alone in a new city and idk what I'd do without my furballs!