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Monday, March 28, 2011

Waitin' On a Man 3

I told you all I had a plan.

After seeing this video, I figured this was a substantial idea. And I decided to implement it in my Ice Cream Man Caper.

The amazing and talented (and hilarious) Bri from Bummer! even wrote me an original rap just for the occasion. (Please go and check her out! She's my hero!)

It didn't work.

I guess I don't have enough street cred. Or awesome gangster dance moves. Or any dance moves at all.

(I look like such a spaz.)

I suppose I really am just too white and nerdy. 


(Read part one and two here.)

9 Thoughts:

Jes said...

Ah that was my idea!

Myke Weber said...


Anonymous said...


TJ said...

This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing on so many levels!!

Jess said...


Bri said...

Hahahaha that worked out PERFECTLY!!

C said...

You're just damn adorable!

Lauren said...

lol wow. uhhhhhh. yeah.