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Monday, March 21, 2011

Waitin' On a Man

Every day I hear the soft plinky plunky melody that announces the ice cream man is making his rounds in his musical truck.

And every day I rush downstairs to try and catch him on his second round through the neighborhood and each time I miss him. 

That elusive ice cream man.

I sit on the front steps and wait for the music to signal his arrival and he still manages to evade me.

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Mark my words, Ice Cream Man! I will catch you one of these days! Just you wait!

6 Thoughts:

C said...

Cute pics! Good luck with the ice cream man. I betcha that you'll catch him on the first day it gets warm again!

So I Wrote said...

Those red ballerinas(?) are gorgeous! Why don't I own those?

L!$@ said...

I love the ice cream man!! :D I usually missed him too though...

Jess said...

I have never lived in an area where an actual Ice Cream Man drives around. I thought it was a myth...

Tabs A. Geek said...

Very cute pics.

And I too tend to miss the ice cream man :(

Jes said...