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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waitin' on a Man 4

I woke up yesterday morning and I just knew.

It was the day that I would catch the Ice Cream Man.

I got all dressed up and sat on the front porch steps an hour ahead of schedule. He wasn't going to slip past me this time.

I got really bored just sitting on the porch. And cement is not exactly comfortable. So I took to pacing the driveway.

I had my money all ready to go.

And then I heard it. The music box melody that signaled the truck was getting close!

Turns out I was never waiting on a man. I was waiting on a woman. She was very nice and only gave me a few "You're crazy" looks when I took pictures of her truck!

I purchased a couple of "Big Sticks" from the Ice Cream Truck. (Which also sold candy and chips and soda. Nice. I have a feeling I'll be catching the Ice Cream Truck a lot more if I can.)

That folks, is the smile of success!

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The caper is complete and I am fully satisfied!

What would YOU buy from the Ice Cream Truck?

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AmberLaShell said...

Anytime I catch the ice cream truck, I always get the ice cream sandwiches. I know I can buy them in the store, but they seem so much better from the truck!

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NeverReadThis said...

A woman!
What a plot twist!
This harrowing tale was fully satisfying.

Lauren said...


Sunny Dee said...

That is awesome. I love your pictures!! Sadly it's too cold for icecream over here in the Midwest. It SNOWED this morning. :( I wish it would warm up already though! It's April!

Karin said...

I've been trying to catch our ice cream man (or woman maybe) for months! :O I'm starting to think s/he has forgotten our street completely... But at least you caught your :)

If I ever catch him/her I'm going to buy a whole bag of chocolate cones.

shah wharton said...

Mini - milk in strawberry or vanilla! Yummi - just the right amount of naughtiness, not enough to inspire guilt or a gluttony sickness.

Here to follow from the hop. Shah from X

Anonymous said...

You finally caught the truck! Yay!

Great pics, your eyes look especially lovely in the first one :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Great post - the ice cream truck is always our first nod to warm weather. My kids love that truck! XOL

Rachel Parker said...

Haha! Very cute :) I especially love that you took pictures of the ice cream truck, because this is such a "blogger" thing to do. I'm so surprised people even look at us crazy anymore -- I mean don't a TON of people have blogs nowadays, haha?

New follower from FTLOB (because you're adorable!).

Cherie said...

Love this, it reminded me of my childhood.

Following you from Thirsty Thursday!

Amie said...

I always get any kind of fruity popsicle.
super cute post & i love the in progress photo of the popsicle, made me smile :)
stopped by from FTLOB, now following you!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Great selfies! Astropops are my all time favorite Popsicle!