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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Up All Night

Obsession is just something that is wired in my brain. If I like something, I LOVE it.

One of my favorite blogs, Busy Bee Lauren, sparked another obsession earlier this week. 

Prison Break.

Before I read that Lauren was obsessing over this show, I had had no interest whatsoever in watching a bunch of scowly guys try to break out of jail. 

But with every fangirling post, I got more and more intrigued by this show.

To the point of watching nine episodes in one night.

He's so lovely. And he rarely grins. (But when he does. Sigh.) I was kind of happy that I caught a picture when he had that grin on his face. (I know I could have just paused it on a good shot, but I simply couldn't pause it. It hurt too much.)

So, Itty Bitty and I gasped and cursed and sat nervously on the edge of our seats for nearly nine hours.

Well, really only I did. She just got really annoyed when I gasped and cursed and sat nervously on the edge of my seat. I was disturbing her sleep.

I only went to sleep when I realized that the sun was starting to rise. Whoops. 

I wrote an email to Lauren explaining that I blame her for my lack of sleep, but that I thanked her for bringing this insane show into my life. 

Watch it now!

9 Thoughts:

ForgottenReverence said...

I loveeee Prison Break, thank you Netflix!! I'm still only on season 2 I think ugh. I never gave it a chance when it was actually on tv but I am glad I did now!

Jess said...

Wow. I got obsessed with Dexter and watched six episodes one night, leaving me with two hours of sleep that night. It was worth it. :)

Gwen said...

i've never seen Prison Break but i have sooo many damn shows im watching i dont have time for another one...maybe once i finish one series i can start this one haha

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I started watching it when it first aired but there were somethings about the story line that turned me off then. I can't even remember what now. All I really remember is the Pretty. Oh, so, pretty. :)


Anonymous said...

What a cutie, gotta see it now!

TJ said...

I watched every episode live. i thought it was a good show, but the show kept getting worse as the seasons went on. The first is still the best. I also thought it was lame that they didn't air the finale on TV. (straight to DVD "movie")

Vic said...

i love that cat:) so pretty! i have yet to watch this show! it sounds like i'm missing all the action, dern it! have a nice weekend miss! xo

Lauren said...

Watch White Collar. You will thank me.

Camille said...

I also just got into prison break and may have gotten my roommate addicted to it as well. We spent so long holed up in the basement watching it that everyone thought we were never coming up for air! And I agree with Lauren, White Collar is also great.