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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well, I did it! I posted every day in April! I'm pretty proud of myself!

Now for a recap of the month of April.


- 1st: April Fool's Day. -
- 2nd: Alyson and I went to Chili's for lunch. She also had friends in town. It was nice to catch up with Tori. -
- 3rd: I finally got to kiss Kevin. Happiest day of my life! -
- 4th: Kevin and I spent the day enjoying each other's company. -
- 5th: Kevin and I cooked dinner for his parents, took pictures and went to the strip. -
- 6th: Saying goodbye to Kevin was about the hardest thing I've ever done. I miss him so much. -
- 12th: Interview at Creative Kid's Learning Center. I didn't get the job. -
- 16th: Went to Cedar City to visit my mom, aunt and cousins. -
- 19th: Job fair. Was offered a job I had to turn down because of transportation issues. -

Happiest Moment: 
Opening the door and seeing Kevin standing there. It was such an incredible feeling!

Saddest Moment: 
Standing in the same place that we had our first kiss and watching him drive away. My heart broke more than it ever has before.

New Movies Watched: 
An Education. Beautiful movie. The cinematography was breathtaking and the fashion was awesome! I definitely want a few of those pieces in my closet!

Favorite Food:
Pancakes with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup. Pretty sure I ate that dish at least 10 times throughout the month.

Favorite Photos Taken:

Overall Impression:
This month has been a roller coaster of emotions for sure. I go from being so happy one moment to a complete mess the next. There are so many things to be happy about, but even more that is stressing me out. I don't have a job yet, I miss my man, I'm scared that I might have to move home. It's an anxiety attack month. Next month is going to be filled with greatness. Let's hope that it's better!

7 Thoughts:

Missy said...

Aww you two are so cute!! Will definitly be hoping for a more settled month of May for you (and myself haha!)!

KC said...
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C said...

May is a great spring month. New beginnings and what not. I'm sure you'll find the perfect job of awesomeness.

Congrats and blogging every day in April.

Anonymous said...

Congrat on 1 post/day in April! Hard to keep really. Hope you will get a Job soon and settle a bit in your relationship (You 2 are cute!) - Goodbyes are always the hardest times.................

May is full of new hopes and promises! A new start for new adventures I can't wait to read.

Tootsie said...

I love the flower photos!!! you do great pics!
I am here to follow you back..thanks for the visit!

. . . and that's a true story said...

Congrats! I really want to post every day one of these months. I just read over your posts with Kevin, so sweet!!! :)

LesleyRH said...

What an accomplishment! Takes all I have to post once a week :)