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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Am Mary Poppins

Last night, while I was digging through my bottomless purse in search of something that I wasn't likely to find with the mess of receipts and other useless items taking up space, I decided that I should clean out my purse.

I started pulling things out one by one and laughed at some of the ridiculous things that I had in my purse.

Now, this time around wasn't as astounding as it has been in the past. I've cleaned out my purse countless times and found strange things inside. Things that I never use and have no business being inside of my handbag. 

Once, while hanging out with friends, a gal pal asked for some gum. I started digging through the contents of my bottomless bag in search of the double-mint. Because I was having such a hard time, I decided to clean out my purse on the spot. Everyone laughed at the random things that I felt I had with me. The craziest of which might have been the set of measuring cups that were inside. I don't remember packing those along... I had no idea how long they'd been in there.

In any case, they all affectionately named my bag "The Mary Poppins Bag."

So, as I emptied the contents of my purse, I remembered those "What's in my purse" posts that I've been seeing lately. And so...


I'm on the bandwagon.

1. Silver nail polish. The only color I ever wear. I never paint my nails in public.
2. A guitar pick. I don't use picks when I play and never take my guitar with me anywhere.
3. A mini flash drive. It's green and cute. And I checked. It's empty.
4. Eight hair ties. Because two isn't enough. I need eight.
5. Three packs of opened 5 gum. Because inevitably that I won't be able to find gum when I want it. Three packs give me better odds.
6. A hair brush. I have a lot of hair and it tangles easily. Finally something practical!
7. Sunglasses. A black pair AND a brown pair. To match any outfit, of course.
8. Stamps. For my spur of the moment mailing needs.
9. Car keys. Most of those keys are obsolete. But I like keys on my key ring. It's a KEY ring.
10. My camera. I've been using my sister's lately, so it's in there too. But I have mine as a back up in case her's dies or I forget it.
11. A tampon. Just in case.
12. Sadly, that's about all the money I have.

13. Christmas themed hand sanitizer. It's never been opened, but you never know when you need to kill some germs.
14. Lip gloss. Three of them. I like how they taste.
15. My mini notebook. I'm obsessed with notebooks but I never use them. But if I need it, it's handy to have.
16. A movie ticket to Beastly. I didn't enjoy that movie much.
17. Advil. The best thing ever. And definitely something that I use from my purse often. It has it's own pocket for easy access.
18. Kleenex. You never want to be caught with a big dangly booger and not have tissues. 
19. A random array of jewelry that I took off mid-day for some reason or another.
20. Pens. I always lose pens, so I take multiple pens with me everywhere I go.
21. Nail clippers. I have no idea why I have two fingernail clippers. They are handy, but I don't need two. And I assure you I never clip my toe nails in public. 
22. Matches. I think I stole them from my sister on one of her "quit smoking" kicks.
23. My wallet. I've had it since I was 12. It has one zipper compartment, and two pockets. It sucks. I love it!

My purse makes no sense to me. 

But I'm proud to say that it's just like Mary Poppins' bag.

Now if only I could learn to fly with an umbrella...

29 Thoughts:

Erika said...

I'd forgotten all about the whole "What's in my purse" thing going around, I'll have to give it a shot, your post makes it look pretty fun :D said...

It's like McGuyver with boobs. I love it!

All you need now is a sewing kit, a pocket-knife of some sort, and some paperclips, and you could probably make a high-grade explosive with some of this stuff.

Kayleigh said...

I cleaned my purse out the other day, its amazing the things woman keep in there. I always refer to mine as the endless pit.

Erika said...

Just an FYI that I did a similar post with a link crediting your blog for the idea on my blog :) Cheers!

country living said...

Wonderful post! Glad I'm not the only one that has lots of pens and uses tissues!

Ellen said...

Love it... I see my daughter with the same type of 'Mary Poppin's Bag' syndrome! ~ Ellen

Danelle said...

I have had a lot of things in my purse, but never measuring cups. :)

C said...

That would not all fit in my purse. I'm a small purse sort of gal. =)

Sweetly Made said...

LOL! Love it! My purse is filled with tons of randomness also. I also carry a mini-notebook, I love making lists. My must is my mini 1st aid kit if you feel ill I got you covered plus it includes a mini Lysol spray! In my high school/college years my friends referred to me as "the mom." If they ever needed anything I was their girl! The funny thing is that all the randomness is perfectly normal and necessary to me! :)

-A @SM

Jenna said...

This looks strangely similar to what might be in my purse! lol

I've thought many a time about forcing myself to just get a smaller purse, but I just cant bring myself to do it - you never know when all that extra stuff will come in handy!


Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

Very cute!!!
My husband HATES that I can never find anything in my purses. So for his sake I clean them out pretty regularly... otherwise I am scared he may throw them away!!

Thanks for check out NorthOnHarper! I look forward to following your blog...

Kerry McCullough said...

Oh my gosh, I might be your twin... except when I cleaned out my purse (aka diaper bag) yesterday, it was 1/4 filled with cheerios and the rest was the stuff like earrings I thought I had lost, about 14 pens, and a good 40-50 crumpled receipts :)

VaishVijay said...

I did just yesterday, because v r going on vacation tomorrow...and I'd come across strange stuff like toothless comb!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Now am following you:)

yasmeen said...

First... You rock for swinging by wandering spice and leaving such sweet comments. Second, from the girl who carries approx 3 items in her purse... Your collection is quite an accomplishment!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog, Kate! You're cracking me up with this post...the mini notebook thing my husband totally does. He's always throwing them in the diaper bag and then they get covered in granola. Delish!

Breann said...

I did the same thing recently, and the most random thing in mine was a tape measure - but since I really do use that from time to time, not so random? There is a pacifier in there too, however I wouldn't give that to my son because it's dirty so I should take it out.. right?

Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I love this post. Made me laugh and think of my ridiculously overstuffed purse! I think I might try this fun idea too! Something to do on this rainy Saturday.

I am now following you too! Looking forward to your posts!

In the past I have found socks, spoons, and pacifiers too.

girlichef said...

ha ha ha, that's pretty hilarious...and eerily like my purse. Seriously, people are always asking me "what do you keep in there!?, I don't like to be without something I might need. Duh. I am the same way with notebooks. I fancy myself sitting down to jot down brilliant prose when the moment strikes...but inevitably my notebooks wind up empty with ticket stubs, receipts, and post-its shoved between the pages. tee post =)

Bernie said...

Good Sweet Lord. Does your purse weigh 40 pounds? I can see where the measuring cups might come in handy out and about. *lol*
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following you too.

Missy said...

Hahaha!! Great bag!! Looks a little like mine. I always seem to have everything but the thing I need!! Being a teacher I have random stuff too such as fake early learning centre money, post its and of course an array of pens, highlighters, felt tips and school pencils!!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the add! lovely blog you have here... :)

Trina Curran said...

Haha! I love this! So reminds me of the movie One Fine Day, too. I find silly things in my purse too, and I wonder what the heck I think I will do with them...but i might NEED them one day, right? LOL!

Chrissy said...

Love these posts!! So much fun! Did one, too, a while back!! Kinda interesting to see what everyone's got in their purses!!
Happy Easter and thanks for the follow!
Hugs xxx

Tabs A. Geek said...

hahahahahaha! I can totally relate to this. I can never find what I want in my purse, but always end up finding zillions of things that shouldn't be in there.

Lauren said...

You're right, we are too alike! (numbers will refer the the item found in your bag)
3)I have one but it has all my blog stuff on it since I do my drawings at work. I would be devastated if it went missing... I should copy all that stuff to my laptop while I'm thinking about it.
4)I have 1-2 on my wrists or fingers at all times
8)That's what I was thinking when I got seeing-glasses in one of each color.
11)Me too. Usually it's needed cause I'll forget to grab some when the timings appropriate.
19)Mine usually makes it out of my purse pretty quickly, but I'm forever taking jewelry off mid-day. Often results in loosing said jewelry.
Currently in my purse also: Three straws i stole from McDs cause they have the best straws; Coupons expiring as I type; paper I intended on putting in a recycling bin on my way out of work; two recipes I printed at work; perfume I never wear; and all the stuff that should be in my bag.
[longest comment ever :) ]

AmandaDF said...

My purse is the same way-I have so much stuff in it! I should probably clean it out sometime soon haha

Tara said...

wooow...and I thought my purse was bad ;)

Kara said...

Unfortunately mine has a lot of goldfish crackers, an extra diaper, kid sized ponytail holders etc. Perhaps a tube of lipstick and always a wallet.

lozzz123 said...

That is quite similar to my bag actually.

I have to commend you on NOT clipping your toe nails in public, that is basically the most disgusting thing ever! hehe.