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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello! It's April!

I had so much to talk about in this post, I thought it would be so much easier to do it via vlog!

What do you have planned for April?

9 Thoughts:

Dave said...

Okay, you got me there. Please don't do that again.
Side note: you would make a great horror movie 'scream queen'.

Krissy said...

Stupid work computer won't let me see it, so I had to leave a comment so I'd remember to come back when I get home! :) Recently new follower, btw.

Lauren said...

I think you should always do video posts because that was awesome. Though it's probably a LOT more work for you.
Also, Wordpress had this "Post a Day" challenge that some Wordpress people have been doing. They even have a site that has daily topic suggestions for their participants if they get stuck. You can use that if you find yourself losing steam:

Anonymous said...

I am no good at pranking people either. I just can't do it.

I'm also doing BEDA but since I'm such a boring person I'm doing the 30 days of truth. I failed once but I'm doing it this time darn it.

The scare was classic ... cept' for I read Daves comment and knew it was coming :P

Krissy said...

Okay, I got to watch it. Yay! That was cute. Hope you have a great time with Boyfriend.

C said...

I hate April Fools... I'm gullible as hell. =) And yes, you did scare me!

I better get my butt in gear and get a post done today!


Jess said...

Love the video!! Have fun with the boyfriend!

Booklogged said...

You're too cute!

megan ann. said...

Haha, oh man. You totally scared me there. Good one. I'm awful at april fools jokes... pretty sure i didn't pull one prank today... oops. Random side note, I have that same exact picture frame sitting on your bookshelf. The silver one in on the bottom right hand corner of the shelf. Your video's pretty awesome by the way. have fun with your boyfriend!