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Saturday, April 2, 2011



- 4th-7th: Jamey came to visit Alyson. We had good times. We went to the strip, and ate at Red Robin and Macaroni Grill! -
- 5th: Happy Birthday Alyson! -
- 6th: I went to see Beastly. It was only okay. But I had fun wandering the casino while I waited for the movie to start! -
- 7th: I had an interview at Target. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. -
-12th: Aly and I went out and got some Starbucks and enjoyed Chinese Food. -
- 17th: Happy St. Patrick's Day! I just love a day for everything green! -
- 19th: I celebrated my 200th post! Quite the milestone! -
- 24th: I met an online friend in person for the first time! Clair and I had lots of fun getting Yogurtland and SmashBurger while chatting and gossiping about other bloggers. -
- 24th-26th: I was home alone while Alyson went to a wedding. It was nice to have the house to myself. -

Happiest Moment: 
- Alyson and I played a whole lot of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We laughed so much I thought I was going to die. It was great times! -

Saddest Moment: 
- I was browsing pictures for a post around the 22nd, and found a few of my grandma. It was one of those moments when I realize that she's not really around anymore. I'm not going to be able to visit home and see her. She won't be there on holidays. She's just not here anymore. It was a really bad night. -

New Movies Watched: 
- Beastly: It was fun to get out of the house, but the movie was extremely cheesy and the acting (except for Neil Patrick Harris) was mediocre. -
- Due Date: What a stupid movie. I loved it. Oh man. -

New TV Shows:
(It was a good month for TV shows. These are the ones that I finished this month.)
- How I Met Your Mother: This show is hilarious. I'd been meaning to watch it for ages, and it didn't let me down! It is just too funny! -
- Pushing Daisies: I really enjoyed the whimsical nature of this show. I liked the first season better than the second, but it was just enjoyable all around! -
- Better Off Ted: I LOVE this show! I didn't even know it existed when it was on the air, and was so sad when I realized that there were only two seasons! So so funny! -
- Big Bang Theory: Another show I had been meaning to watch for such a long time. I love all the of the nerd references and geeky humor! I enjoyed being able to relate to everyone in the show the way I don't usually with the pretty people shows. So great! -

Favorite Food:
- New York Cheesecake frozen yogurt with kiwi from Yogurtland, without a doubt! -

New Restaurants Tried:
- SmashBurger: SO good! I'm so glad Clair suggested it! -
- Farmer Boys: It was so far away from our house that by the time we got back the food was kind of cold, but it was definitely enjoyable. I loved that my burger had avocado on it! -

Favorite Photos Taken:

Overall Impression: 
It was a good month. A bit stressful because I haven't found a job yet; but I had so much fun blogging this month and I had so much to look forward to. It's been a long time since I felt this happy!

3 Thoughts:

Smart Ass Sara said...

Well you obviously forgot my birthday on the 10th. I mean... I had fun... so I'm assuming every one else in the world did too. ;)

And I loved Due Date. Because I love Downey Jr. MMM. I had to go home and watche Sherlock Holmes AGAIN after I saw Due Date.

C said...

Can you believe March is already over? How did that even happen?

I didn't care for Due Date... despite my loving of Robert Downey Jr.

TanaLicious said...

New follower here - looks like you had a great March. Your smile is infectious! Looking forward to reading your blog in the coming months too :)