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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Something that I don't love about Vegas is that in the summer, pretty much all life is dried out by the heat.

But in the spring, the flowers are in bloom, and they look beautiful!

So I took a walk and a bunch of photos to remind me of spring when the dried out desert summer shows up.

If only scratch and sniff computers were invented. 

Either way, we can pretend. Have fun smelling the roses with me.

Which one is your favorite?

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13 Thoughts:

Erika said...

We had such a lovely day here in Canada I spent most of the morning taking pictures of the flowers just coming out around the area. So nice to finally see Spring!

Jessi said...

Those are beautiful flowers. Atleast it's warm there! In Chicagoland, our flowers are still in hiding. :(

cailen ascher said...

what GORGEOUS pictures! they made me smile : )

Hello Again Vintage said...

Beautiful photos! I love spring.


Ash said...

Beautiful flowers! Makes me excited to see the blooms in our area. Soon! :-) Spring is my favorite season...the air so fresh and the mood upbeat! <3

KY said...

That first photo is so vibrant and beautiful!!!!!!! You are a wonderful photographer - what type of camera do you own?

lozzz123 said...

voted! hope you win :)

also i'm terrible with flower names so i'll just say i like photo #8

Olivia Grace said...

These are so beautiful! Spring time is the best!

b. lee said...

oh wow!!! amazing pics :D

Kate Weber said...

Thank you everyone. :)

@KY I have been using my sister's Sony CyberShoot camera recently. It's a point and shoot. My parents have a very expensive Canon, and I would prefer to use that camera every day for the rest of my life, but I'm broke and can't afford my own. So I do the best with what I have available to me. :)

VaishVijay said...

Canon DSLR would do a better job, but these pics are good too!

I use Canon 550D, you can take a look at the flowers in this part of the world...

Am sure, yours' will be the Next blog of the month, advanced wishes:)

Kate Weber said...

@VaishVijay I'm sure a bigger and better camera WOULD take good pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have that option right now. I think I do pretty well with what I have to work with. I think that's what matters.

Becky said...

Ooooh, what beautiful flowers! We are still in a state of spring paralysis in Vermont--no flowers yet, but your photos just made me excited! :)

Thanks for coming by my blog!