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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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justine love said...

awww i loved this. Honestly I love hand written letters as well... :P Reading your hand-written blog post made it feel more authentic... like it was written for me... :P loved this blogpost really... :P

Laura Louise Cox said...

Aww I love this too!

I've seen a few hand written blogs lately too.

Would you hate me if I did my own?


Jess said...


C said...

Adorable! Love the purple. It's nice to deviate from the blacks and blues of the world!

L!$@ said...

Cute :D You should get a penpal anyway. or can't you receive mail where you are now?

megan ann. said...

That was fun :). Your handwriting is cute! I absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls. Definitely my favorite show ever! So funny. :)

Lauren said...

I love me some Gilmore Girls too! I watch it most days on ABCFamily. Most days I have nothing else to do when it's on. I did the handwriting meme. I can go back and tag you in it if you really want :)

Dawniebee12 said...

I love the handwritten blogs too! Such a great idea!