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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Of Sunday 5

Another one of my favorite posts has been pulled from the depths of my archives! Check out the original here!

I changed and added a few things! Enjoy!

I've been thinking about all of my past relationships. Some of them are pretty laughable. Enjoy yourselves in my failed relationships.

Justin (age five): A boy that lived across the street. His two older sisters forced us to get married in my back yard on my trampoline. The marriage didn't last for more than a few hours, but we remained really good friends.

Brogan (age six): A boy from my neighborhood. Our relationship consisted of swimming in ponds and climbing the tree in my back yard. While climbing said tree, he dared me to kiss him. I did. We didn't talk much after that.

Mike (age seven): A boy from down the street. He was eleven. We were pretty good buddies until he and two of his friends followed me to the park and forced me into the boys bathroom. Mike made me french kiss him. My seven year old self did not enjoy it. Yes. I was lip raped.

Quinn (age nine): A boy I met at the canal my friends and I used to swim in. After five minutes he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. The next night I ran into him at the movie theater. I was going to see a movie with my parents and he asked me to ditch them and see the movie he came to see. I agreed. "Can I carry you to our seats?" He asked. I laughed at him and went back to sit with my parents.

Manny (age twelve): A boy who moved in down the street. Me and my four best friends were walking down the street to scope him out and he decided that he thought I was the cutest. After a week of "dating," we went to the water slide with a bunch of friends. Two of my cousins were there and were very clingy, meaning that I wasn't able to spend time with Manny. He decided to date another of my girl friends. By the end of the night he was back with me, and there was a tizzy in the girl group.

Jeremy (age fourteen): A boy from school. He was my walk on the wild side. I tried to sneak out to go to his house once. I was caught. (Thanks parents.) We went to the water slide on a date. He wanted to stop in the slide and kiss me. I called my dad to come and pick me up. I broke up with him that night.

Justin (age fifteen): A boy from school. We "dated" for the summer. We always brought an extra person to throw the number off because I wasn't 16 yet, therefore I shouldn't have been dating. (I don't know why all the previous boys didn't bother me.) He was apparently using me to make another girl jealous.

Adam (age fifteen-twenty): A boy that made my life a complicated mess. I was crazy about him for nearly 5 years and he never felt the same. I finally decided that I was being a moron and forgot all about him.

James (age eighteen): A boy I knew from school. We dated for a week. Lots of kissing. Oh, the kissing was fun. He broke up with me. A week later he changed his mind. I didn't kiss him again after that and I broke it off after another week.

CJ (age twenty): He lived in Canada. I didn't. As amazing as he was, he wasn't good enough to make me move to Canada. I like living in the States. I like spelling favorite without a U. The U is for Unnecessary!

Tim (age twenty-one): The quintessential bad boy. He was a bad influence on me. It's okay. I had fun. He was a jerk. It's all good.

Kevin (age twenty-one): The boy I'm with now. He's a great kisser, he's the sweetest guy I've ever met, we have fun doing anything and he's amazing. I love him. A lot.

5 Thoughts:

Rach said...

Haha! These made me giggle :) my condolences about the lip-rape though...been there. Granted, I was 18 and not 7, but still. UNPLEASANT.

This makes me want to write something about my dating life. Haha. I just might! Thanks for the inspiration :) said...

Next guy you meet who you don't wanna date anymore, just send him over to me, will ya? I'm all about leftovers.

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I am gracefully giving you an award. A blog award. It would just make my day/night all the more better to know that you accepted it. But, no pressure, or anything...

Tara said...

oh man, I have to be honest...I don't think I could ever list all my exes in a public blog post! I mean, the early ones/crushes...whatever. But the more recent ones? I'm embarrassed to even think about some of the guys I've dated as an adult. So bad.

michelle said...

Haha...this is hillarious! I think we can all relate. Awesome post. Thanks for stopping by your blog

Alyssa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This list made me laugh. It reminded me of some of my ill-fated elementary school romances. However, it must be in the name because I have a Kevin now as well and it's wonderful! I'm glad you found your Kevin too ha! Anyways..I love your blog and will be following!