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Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've mentioned before that one of the things that I miss most about Kevin is cooking with him. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed being in the kitchen with him and I was even more shocked that he wanted to be cooking with me in the first place.

He even brought his own recipe and it was one of my favorites of his visit.

Butterbeer is something that I've wanted to try since it was first mentioned in Harry Potter. I've wondered how it would taste and wished that it actually existed somewhere.

Boyfriend, who is also a Harry Potter fan, found a recipe online that was duplicating the flavor of Butterbeer at the Harry Potter theme park. And we decided to try it.

I definitely think you should check out Kevin's post about making Butterbeer, because he uses pictures of the steps and I forgot to document that.

Here's what you need!

1 cup of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons of butter
1/2 teaspoons of cider vinegar
1/2 cup of heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
Four 12-ounce bottles of cream soda


Mix the brown sugar and water in a bowl and bring to a boil. Use a candy thermometer to judge when it is 240 degrees.

Next, add the butter, cider vinegar and heavy cream and mix. Pour the mixture into a glass bowl and let it cool down. Add the vanilla extract and the pumpkin pie spice. (We added a bit more cause it's so tasty!)

Put it in the fridge and let it cool. (It will stiffen a little bit, but as long as it moves and is stirable you're okay.)

Put 1/4 cup of the mixture into four tall glasses. Add 1/4 cup of the cream soda and stir it up and then fill the glass with the rest of the cream soda. Watch out! It's very foamy!

Add some whipped cream and a bit more pumpkin spice and enjoy! It's so tasty and VERY sugary. It's like Hogwarts in your own home!

I'm also featured over on Like A Bird today! Go check out my post about how I'm super obsessed with Photoshop!

20 Thoughts:

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

The name "butter beer" doesn't sound very appealing to me, but it actually looks pretty good!!

Sunny Dee said...

Wow... that sounds too sugary for me, and yet I'm so curious!! They need a Butterbeer Lite. lol You guys are so cute together too btw. :D

Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy said...

Wow, that sounds really good! When I can have butter again, I'm going to try it! (my nursing infant seems to have a milk allergy)

chantilly said...

WHAT. this looks so yummy! at first i thought those were real cans of beer...


Following you back. That butterbeer looks so yummy.

A Ladybug's Life

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following...returned the your blog

Erika said...

Yeah, you got a follow out of me the second I saw this post XD Argh, I'm a big HP fan myself and I always wondered what Butter-Beer would taste like! Man, I am going to have to try this now, because somehow, that totally looks like what I thought it would look like o_O

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Kate, I'm so excited to introduce my Oldest to Harry Potter. This butter beer will be a huge hit! Thanks for the recipe and thanks for checking out my pizza panzanella. Would love for you to follow! I'm definitely your newest one!

Jeri Lynne said...

Thanks for the comment! Your blog is way cute...I hope you enjoy the buffalo chicken if you try it. Have a great night!

KY said...

Yummy that sounds so good!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe & for stopping by my blog

megan ann. said...

That looks good! :)

Sinea said...

This recipe sounds really good. Think we'll get adventurous and try it!

Skye said...

wow this is interesting! I love new things like this!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) Nice to e-meet you!

WCreativeDesigns said...

Following you back. This looks fantastic!

country living said...

Sounds yummy!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Oh my goodness! I will have to try this--I'm a HUGE HP fan!

Eat and Write said...

This looks delicious! I've never had butterbeer before, and I didn't realize it was made with cream soda. Very cool.

sarah nicole said...


Thank you for visiting my blog! I look forward to exploring yours more.



Ms. Sarah said...

i will be doing this for the kids and my husband when there dad comes back from the field. i got the latest installment in. We went to Harry Potter before we left. The butter beer amazing!

-Kelsey said...

this sounds delicious!!! I'll have to try it!
thanks for stopping by :)