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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Things get bad sometimes. For everyone.

But even though everything may feel lonely, ugly and sad...

...there is always something beautiful to be found to brighten your day.

This flower brought such a big smile to my face.

It was sitting all alone in a pot, but was the happiest thing in the area.

It's beautiful.

What is beautiful in your life today?

8 Thoughts:

Myke Weber said...

You are!

Emmy said...

The sunshine and my puppy. :)

katrina kay said...

wow, what a pretty flower indeed :o

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

for sure my puppy !!

Booklogged said...

Gorgeous flower!

C said...

That is beautiful, and so are you!

Adriana Iris said...

My family

Dave said...

I don't know yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.